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StenTech Oregon New Machinery Capabilities

StenTech is excited to announce that our Oregon Location has 3 brand new HAAS Vertical Machining Centers!

With these machines, the production time has decreased by 50%, which will not only provide faster turnover for your products, but also produce smaller and more precise cuts. We realize the needs of our clients are constantly growing and changing; with this in mind, we are moving forward to keep up with the demands.

The location has also been undergoing an entire renovation to provide the best environment for the new equipment and workflow.

StenTech would also like to introduce Eric Miller as the Technical Director: Tooling. With Eric on board, the StenTech team is gaining an individual with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the tooling industry. Eric has spent 16+ years in the solder tooling industry.

He officially joined the StenTech team as the Tooling Technical Director at the beginning of February 2016, and we are excited to have him on board!

“Here I am, loving every minute working with engineers and technicians who need help processing circuit boards... by using a fixture! It feels really good being back [in this industry], I have missed the fast pace world of electronics assembly and all the challenges that goes along with it.” - Eric Miller

As you can see, StenTech is very excited to share this information about all the recent and continuing changes in our newest location in Portland, Oregon, with our customers. We look forward to continuing our business in the Western USA.