StenCAD Stencil Design Services

StenTech is now pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to take advantage of our design service, which includes a front-end software tool called StenCAD. StenCAD automatically checks the design for each individual assembly by filtering each D-code of the Gerber file and validating that the AR achieved by the proposed design delivers a successful paste deposit.

If StenCAD triggers a warning, we will contact you immediately and provide a report that shows where the printing might be compromised and allow you to evaluate potential solutions, such as modifying the aperture or decreasing the stencil thickness. Each modification will show the projected effect on the printed volume on the target aperture, as well as showing how other aperture volumes might be affected by any change.

StenCAD also creates customer specific component libraries. Anytime a like component is found on other orders, the preapproved modification is automatically applied. This offers our customer the most consistent stencils possible.

Using our service and the StenCAD tool will increase customers’ confidence in getting the right volume or paste before a board is printed, saving both design time and rework time for our customers.

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  • Quick - integrated into our normal stencil design process
  • Clear - visual highlighting all potential printing issues
  • Time saving - try out stencil design changes that will prevent printing issues before the stencil is made
  • Safe - see the impact of any changes on the rest of the board
  • Informative - estimate volume of paste per board