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Photo Stencil’s Applications Engineering Team includes some of the world’s foremost experts on stencil printing Whatever your printing challenges; poor paste release, tiny aperture requirements, printing for next-generation components, etc., members of our team are here to help you solve them. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your R&D team. Please click below to learn more about how we can work together to ensure you are achieving the best printing results possible.

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Ultra-thin Stencil Solutions

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Advanced CAD Services

At Photo Stencil, our deep bench of experienced CAD professionals work closely with our customers to expedite designs as well as solve many of the challenging applications our customers encounter.

Our CAD Department is run by Bill Vaughn who has worked at Photo Stencil since 1990. The team is also supported by Tony Miranda who has been working in the stencil industry since 2004. Each new designer that joins the team undergoes extensive in-house training to ensure they meet Photo Stencil’s quality standards.

The CAD team produces high performance stencil designs that undergo DFM quality checks throughout the design process to ensure our customers achieve superior printing results.

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In-depth Customer Collaboration

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When we say ‘Ask The Experts’, we mean just that. At Photo Stencil, you have access to the most advanced tools and experienced set of printing experts in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, step stencils can have more than two thicknesses.

Step stencil with step thickness as small as solder mask thickness would help. Photo stencil can get step thicknesses as small as (13um) 0.5mils. Please contact us.

Well, this depends on many factors like pocket depth and cavity size. Please contact us with your design details, our applications engineering team will be glad to help.

Our AccuScreen could be an excellent solution. AccuScreens are available in different mesh sizes and shapes and can be designed accurately to control material flow.

Our 3D stencils and our step stencils help many of our customers with multi-level printing. Please contact us with your board design and application details.

Yes, we can supply all of our stencils with our proprietary NanoSlic coating or basic Nano coating wiped-on prior to shipment.