VectorGuard® Foils Frame-Mounted Stencils

VectorGuard® has taken all of the advantages of framed-mounted stencil systems (easier and more efficient storage, elimination of frame returns for credit, and recycling and automatic foil tensioning) and improved upon them to create an engineering masterpiece.

Surrounded by a thin, aluminum extrusion, VectorGuard® stencils achieve increased rigidity, ease of use and operator safety. Mounting has also been made simpler by minimal training and short mounting time. No teeth, slot or hole alignment required - all alignment is handled automatically. The greater rigidity of VectorGuard® stencils enables immediate washing of stencils, once removed from the frame, without a washing jig. You will require a holder for the VG Foil.

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VectorGuard® Foils Frame-Mounted Stencils Image
  • Space-efficient storage
  • VectorGuard® storage cassette reduces space by 75% compared to other conventional stencils
  • Safe, easy handling
  • Excellent rigidity: foils can be washed after being released from frame
  • Global, standardized design and manufacturing network

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