Nickel Lasercut Stencils (SNL)

StenTech Nickel Laser Cut (SNL) provides the hardness of the electroform with the quality of a Fibre Diode laser. Electroform blanks are formed and stocked at each location to provide quick-turn SNL stencils. SNL stencils have been proven to require less cleaning and to last longer than stainless steel products.

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Nickel Lasercut Stencils (SNL) Image
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Enhanced ultrafine pitch capability
  • Minimized under stencil cleaning requirements, thanks to positive underside gasketing
  • Customer thickness capability to optimize transfer efficiency
  • Stepped area(s) for optimized paste volume deposit
  • Long stencil life – up to twice that of stainless steel stencils
  • Nickel stencils can also be shipped the same day, depending on approval and stock availability

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“StenTech has a history of quick turnaround and dependable quality. They have always been helpful with diligent and professional service on special requests such as rush orders, custom stencil framing, reframing, and special designs for glue printing or pin through paste applications. We love doing business with StenTech.”

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