Laser Cut SMT Stencils

StenTech is a leading-edge company with the latest in stencil technology. StenTech is the established industry leader, supplying quality Laser Cut stencils to the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industry. With many manufacturing facilities, we employ dedicated and quality driven team members across North America. Offering exceptional Quality, Delivery and Service, we have proudly earned the respect of our many customers.

We offer our knowledge and experience to all of our customers. StenTech has manufactured over half a million stencils and offers a wealth of design and manufacture expertise. Our CAD experts combine industry designs and modification rules, honed by customer feedback and experimental development, with your own specific design requirement and preference to produce stencils that are right the first time. And, we have our own StenCAD software, which allows us to accurately predict the transfer efficiency of paste/stencil aperture combinations and apply design rules to the stencil in order to optimize paste deposit repeatability - so essential when dealing with fine features and micro-scale devices.

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Advanced Nano Video
  • Is best in class for positional accuracy
  • Is best in class for aperture tolerance
  • Is equipped with maximized paste transfer efficiency for optimum paste deposit repeatability and minimal under stencil wiping
  • Has stepped area(s) for optimized paste volume deposition
  • Has ultrafine pitch capability
  • Has laser cut apertures that have been proven to exhibit minimal to no burring, which improves solder paste release
  • Is in a fiber diode laser - the laser beam has been reduced from .0023" to .0008", which produces a smoother aperture wall and in turn improves solder paste release
  • Has laser cut stencils that can be shipped the same day if approval is received by 2pm

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High Definition Print Stencils (HDP)

StenTech now offers the latest technology with our savvy High Definition Print stencils. These stencils are the answer to smaller component issues and offer improved solder paste release.

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Electroform Stencils

Electroforming is an additive process whereas the other forms of stencils are a subtractive process. These stencils provide high accuracy, durability and long life for high volume printing applications.

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“StenTech has a history of quick turnaround and dependable quality. They have always been helpful with diligent and professional service on special requests such as rush orders, custom stencil framing, reframing, and special designs for glue printing or pin through paste applications. We love doing business with StenTech.”

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