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SMT Stencils

Laser Cut SMT Stencils

Using the industries latest laser technology, these stencils are highly repeatable to provide accurate print performance.

Laser Cut SMT Stencils Image

Nickle Lasercut Stencils (SNL)

StenTech Nickle Laser Cut(SNL) stencils provide the hardness of the electroform with the quality of a Fiber Diode laser.

Nickle Lasercut Stencils (SNL) Image

Electroform SMT Stencils

Electroforming is an additive process whereas the other forms of stencils are a subtractive process. These stencils provide high accurancy, durability and long life for high volume printing applications.

Electroform SMT Stencils Image

SMT Solder Paste Stencils

By using various fail thickness on the same stencil, this allows the ability to control solder paste deposit in fine pitch area while printing sufficient solder on coarse pitch areas.

Solder Paste Step Stencils Image

High Definition Print Stencils(HDP)

Stentech now offers the latest technology with our savy High Definition Print stencils. These stencils are the answer to smaller component issues and offer improved solder paste release

High Definition Print Stencils(HDP) Image

Anti-Adhesion Advanced Nano Coated Stencils

Stentech's Advanced Nano stencil is a highly unique and patented coating that is applied to the bottom side of the stencil and inside the apertures to provide the stencil with anti-adhesion properties.

Anti-Adhesion Advanced Nano Coated Stencils Image

BGA Re-Work Mini Stencils

Mini stencils are small stencils that are used mainly for BGA rework. Mini stencils are designed to deposit precise amounts of solder paste for single BGA footprints on loaded PCBs.

BGA Re-Work Mini Stencils Image

SMT Emulsion Screen Printing

Emulsion Screens are used in many forms and industries, such as automotive and microelectronics. These industries require precise and accurate deposits and line widths.

SMT Emulsion Screen Printing Image

VectorGuard® Foils Frame- Mounted Stencils

The VectorGuard is flexible, cost-effective, innovative, offers superior performance and is easy-to-use.

VectorGuard® Foils Frame Image

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