Wave Solder Pallets for Printed Circuit Boards

StenTech has advanced capabilities in machining and drilling composite materials. StenTech can provide a wide range of manufacturing solutions for wave solder pallets that are custom-engineered and manufactured to each client's specifications. Wave Solder Pallets will lead to overall process efficiency.

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Wave Solder Pallets for Printed Circuit Boards Image
  • Reduces setup time
  • Wave solder complex, double-sided circuit board assemblies
  • Eliminates expensive and labor-intensive masking
  • Shields heat-sensitive components
  • Processes multiple boards at the same time
  • Reduces bridging and skipping
  • Increases production and enhances automated assembly

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“StenTech has a history of quick turnaround and dependable quality. They have always been helpful with diligent and professional service on special requests such as rush orders, custom stencil framing, reframing, and special designs for glue printing or pin through paste applications. We love doing business with StenTech.”

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