PCB Visual Inspection Templates

These are manufactured from ESD acrylic and openings are provided for each component. The Inspection Template can be placed over the board to verify all components have been placed. Polarity markings can be added to ensure correct component positioning and designator markings for verification.

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  • Catches incorrect or missing parts early in the production cycle
  • Guides the inspector's eyes to the selected area only
  • Speeds up the inspection
  • Reduces new hire training time
  • The process is highly accurate, cost-effective and safe
  • Adds increased value to your quotes
  • Dramatically reduces scrapped parts

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SMT Pin Support Inspection Templates

These are manufactured from a clear acrylic material to allow for a rigid template. The Pin Support Template is a duplicate image of the circuit board with both the top- and bottom-side SMT components printed on a clear template. It is then placed into your printer and used to place support pins in open areas on the template. This way the pin supports do not have to be adjusted when printing the second side.

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