High Definition Print Stencils (HDP)

StenTech now offers the latest technology with our savvy High Definition Print stencils. These stencils are the answer to smaller component issues and offer improved solder paste release. After extensive research and development, we were able to come up with a solution to cater to the smaller components. HDP stencils showed a great print quality on smaller pitch parts with a low standard deviation.

With the introduction of 0201, 01105, 0.4mm and 0.3mm, BGA’s positional accuracy of the stencil is vital.

The High Definition Print stencil was manufactured by working closely with a cell phone manufacturer. With improved tension and laser settings, the prints meet the high demands of the cell phone industry.

Innovative laser cutting using fine grain steel with stainless steel mesh generates stencils that produce quality prints on smaller pitch parts with a low standard deviation.

StenTech HDP Stencils: your solution to smaller pitch components.

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“StenTech has a history of quick turnaround and dependable quality. They have always been helpful with diligent and professional service on special requests such as rush orders, custom stencil framing, reframing, and special designs for glue printing or pin through paste applications. We love doing business with StenTech.”

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