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Our Advanced Nano stencil is a highly unique and patented coating that is applied to the bottom side of the stencil and inside the apertures, the squeegee side remains uncoated. This advanced coating provides the stencil with anti-adhesion properties. StenTech's Advanced Nano stencil utilizes a specialized 1-2 um hardened nano coating. This permanent hydrophobic coating repels solder flux allowing increased transfer of paste. Advanced Nano Stencils improve solder paste deposits which results in consistent paste transfer volumes and minimizes bridges which leads to higher process stability with lower failure rates.

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What is Advanced Nano

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Is it durable?

Advanced Nano is the most durable stencil coating on the market. A|N achieves a 9h hardness within 1 hour of curing the stencil. Coated stencils should receive special care to avoid unnecessary wear.

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Is it chemical resistant?

Yes. A|N holds up to almost all stencil cleaners, both acidic and alkaline. That said, it is recommended to stay within a ph range of 4-11.

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Lead time? Next day available?

A|N is the only permanent coating that is available to customers next day if the order is received within a manageable timeframe. Please contact your StenTech facility for availability and scheduling.

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Coating thickness?

The coating thickness is around 2µm on the surface and around half of that thickness on the aperture walls.

Coating Benefits

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Does it increase transfer efficiency?

It sure does. In our studies, we found increases in transfer efficiency up to 20%!

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Does it help with bridging?

Yes! You will see significantly less bridging due to the paste efficiency benefits achieved with A|N coating.

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Does it reduce underside cleaning?

Dramatically! Due to the anti-adhesion or "non-stick" characteristics, underside cleaning is reduced, and customers will achieve a better yield.

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Better contour?

With the aperture walls being coated, A|N users will notice much stronger brick formations, as well as more paste volume.

Coated with A|N vs Uncoated Stencil

coated vs uncoated stencil
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