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What is Advanced Nano Coating?

StenTech's Advanced Nano coating grants the stencil remarkable anti-adhesion properties, preventing solder flux from sticking to it. Utilizing a specialized 1-2 um hardened nano coating, StenTech's Advanced Nano stencil boasts a permanent hydrophobic layer that repels solder flux. Consequently, this innovative feature facilitates enhanced paste transfer during printing processes, leading to improved efficiency and precision in electronic manufacturing.

Nano coating is a polymer that is sprayed inside a chamber and heat treated. This permanent hydrophobic coating repels solder paste, resulting in:

  • Higher volume of paste release
  • More uniform shape on solder deposits
  • Higher transfer efficiency and print yields
  • Greater yields on low-area-ratio/miniaturized applications
  • Reduced underside wiping
  • Reduced surface energy of the paste contact area
  • Better contour definition and lower failure.
Most of all it allows SAME DAY DELIVERY of your stencils.

Features & Benefits

Durable icon

Is it durable?

Advanced Nano is the most durable stencil coating on the market. A|N achieves a 9h hardness within 1 hour of curing the stencil. Coated stencils should receive special care to avoid unnecessary wear.

Checmical Resistant icon

Is it chemical resistant?

Yes. A|N holds up to almost all stencil cleaners, both acidic and alkaline. That said, it is recommended to stay within a ph range of 4-11.

Delivery icon

Lead time? Next day available?

A|N is the only permanent coating that is available to customers next day if the order is received within a manageable timeframe. Please contact your StenTech facility for availability and scheduling.

Thickness icon

Coating thickness?

The coating thickness is around 2µm on the surface and around half of that thickness on the aperture walls.

Efficiency icon

Does it increase transfer efficiency?

It sure does. In our studies, we found increases in transfer efficiency up to 20%!

Bridging icon

Does it help with bridging?

Yes! You will see significantly less bridging due to the paste efficiency benefits achieved with A|N coating.

Cleaning icon

Does it reduce underside cleaning?

Dramatically! Due to the anti-adhesion or "non-stick" characteristics, underside cleaning is reduced, and customers will achieve a better yield.

Volumn contour icon

Better contour?

With the aperture walls being coated, A|N users will notice much stronger brick formations, as well as more paste volume.

Superior Transfer Efficiency

Coated with A|N vs Uncoated Stencil

coated vs uncoated stencil

Coating Benefits

Coating Benefits
uncoated stencil
coated stencil
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant acidic and alkaline from 4-11 ph
  • Improved brick formation
  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Excellent printing experience
  • Cures in 30 minutes!

Advanced Prep Surface Treatment

Unpolished Treatment


Polished Treatment

Polished & Coated

Reduced Clogging

Unpolished Treatment


Polished Treatment

Polished & Coated

Advanced Prep Surface Treatment

Unpolished Treatment


Polished Treatment

Polished & Coated

Detailed Quality Assurance

Daily Hardness Test

All stencils are tested with a 9H
pencil hardness test before

Chemical Resistance Check

Each coated stencil is wiped with
acetone. This will ensure that the
stencil does not need additional
curing before shipping.

Types of coating

Mono-Layer Coatings Permanent Coatings
Wipe on coating Ceramic coatings Advanced Nano Coatings
(Proprietary Blend)
Pros Cons Pros Cons Pros
  • Some reduced bridging
  • Underside cleaning benefits
  • No increase in transfer efficiency
  • Not permanent
  • Reduced bridging
  • Underside cleaning
  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Better deposits
  • longer wait times (48 hours before you can clean)
  • Can take up to 5 days to fully cure
  • Durability
  • Fractures like glass
  • Ready for use 30 min after coating
  • Can be delivered and used same day
  • Reduced bridging
  • Reduced Underside cleaning
  • Increased Transfer efficiency
  • Consistent deposits
  • Thermally cured
  • Very thin coating, 2-3 microns
  • Improved Yield
  • Reduced Rework
  • Increase ROI
  • Low Surface Energy
  • Hydrophobic, Oleophobic & fluxophobic
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