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Precision manufacturing.

StenTech is able to produce precision thin metal shielding, lids and fencing for all type of RF electronic applications with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances that fit in complicated component spaces.

Additionally, a wide range of designs and applications offering tight tolerances for many different materials and thicknesses are available through our chemical-etching processes.

Engineering, R&D Team.

StenTech’s Engineering Team includes some of the world’s foremost experts on laser and chemically etched parts. Our in-house tooling, CAD / CAM and laser plotting experts ensure precision part designs and tight tolerances are met. Whatever your challenges, such as demanding design specifications or selection of materials, members of our team are here to help you solve them. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your R&D team.

Our inspection teams have the knowledge and expertise to verify that your products are of the highest level of quality and functionality before they are shipped, saving time and frustration.

Laser Cut Parts

In the laser precision cutting world, tight tolerance is defined as the acceptable amount of variation when a part is being processed. Designs that call for precise dimensions require a machining process that can rise to the demands. StenTech has the most state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment to precisely and efficiently slice metals and other materials into virtually any desired shapes or sizes for the full range of manufacturing applications.

At StenTech we partner with LPKF laser systems, and their remarkable accuracy enable us to offer you tight tolerances as narrow as ±0.0005” and beyond on many designs.

While some other manufacturers offer those tolerances as well for standard dimensions, what sets StenTech apart is true position. If tight tolerance is not done correctly, parts and products will underperform or fail due to lack of true position considerations, leading to dissatisfied customers and profit loss.

StenTech works with your product design team to minimize the shrink and warp that can impact tight tolerance negatively. We consider the application environment, temperature, and material selection to best meet your manufacturer’s needs.

Few manufacturers will even mention tight tolerance to you, not only because they can’t hold it, they can’t even inspect for it.

StenTech uses specific tools for roughing and finishing. This allows the roughing tool to take the brunt of the wear, while the finishing tool is saved for the final passes. Our tooling choices allow us to ensure a repeatable process for creating accurate parts.

While tight tolerance may not have been important in the past, it’s vital in today’s manufacturing market. StenTech’s state-of-the-art performance in manufacturing helps you meet customers need for eliminating secondary operations, ease in procuring mating parts, and conversion of metal parts to plastic. All of this efficiency reduces cost.


• Laser cutting is the answer to the current and future wave of modern electronic and medical design.
• Due to the specificity of this type of manufacturing, we manufacture your parts to tight tolerances of ±0.001” and tighter?
• Cutting tolerances from ±0.15 mm. Cutting dimensions up to 1500 x 3000 mm.
Cutting thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 8 mm.

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Chemically Etched Parts

Chemical etching is a subtractive sheet metal machining process which uses chemical etchants to create complex and highly accurate precision components from almost any meta for a variety of applications in aerospace, military defense, medical, telecommunications, automotive, electronics, and more.

At StenTech we offer a highly cost-effective way to profile, shape and enhance parts for precision products and applications – with the accuracy, speed and unique properties that simply aren’t always possible with traditional such as stamping, and CNC machining techniques. These methods can sometimes negatively affect the metal’s integrity and compromise the performance of critical parts resulting in catastrophic failure.


• Rapid prototyping
• Low tooling costs
• Precision engineered
• Large volumes
• Tight tolerances
• CAD / CAM in-house
• Wide variety of materials & finishes
• Tabbed in or individual pieces
• Burr free
• Long production life

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