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StenTech has been leading the way in laser cut stencils, being the first company to introduce Fiber Diode lasers into North America. With over 20 experienced CAD designers, our strength is the support we provide in stencil edits, material, and thickness recommendations.

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Advanced Nano wins award

StenTech received a 2023 CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY NPI Award in the category of Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals/Consumables for its new Advanced Nano Coating. The NPI Awards recognizes product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly.

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StenTech has the capability and capacity to complete even the most demanding projects. By coupling highly trained professionals with the most advanced CNC equipment and the latest CAD/CAM software, StenTech Engineering offers industry leading quality and service.

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Superior Advanced Nano

Our Advanced Nano stencil is a highly unique and patented coating that is applied to the bottom side of the stencil and inside the apertures, the squeegee side remains uncoated. This advanced coating provides the stencil with anti-adhesion properties. StenTech's Advanced Nano stencil utilizes a specialized 1-2 um hardened nano coating. This permanent hydrophobic coating repels solder flux allowing increased transfer of paste. Advanced Nano Stencils improve solder paste deposits which results in consistent paste transfer volumes and minimizes bridges which leads to higher process stability with lower failure rates.

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Superior Laser Technology

StenTech, would like to introduce the Sunmenta Stencil Inspection System SVII-K90. The SVII-K90 is the leading fully automatic stencil inspection machine! The Inspection system can be used for incoming stencils and improve inspection after the cleaning process. It will identify partial and fully clogged apertures, right down to 01005.

The SVII-K90 is the leading fully automatic stencil inspection machine, it will reduce or eliminate the use of a stencil that has clogs after cleaning.

The SVII-K90:

  • Will scan your stencil very quickly
    • Provide an output to show partial clogs
    • Ability to automatically locate and view the image
  • Operator can then decide whether to:
    • Remove the clog manually
    • Apply Air Pressure
    • Or the operator can put the stencil back through the cleaning process

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StenCad Design Services

StenTech is now pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to take advantage of our design service, which includes a front-end software tool called StenCAD. StenCAD automatically checks the design for each individual assembly by filtering each D-code of the Gerber file and validating that the AR achieved by the proposed design delivers a successful paste deposit.

If StenCAD triggers a warning, we will contact you immediately and provide a report that shows where the printing might be compromised and allow you to evaluate potential solutions, such as modifying the aperture or decreasing the stencil thickness. Each modification will show the projected effect on the printed volume on the target aperture, as well as showing how other aperture volumes might be affected by any change.

StenCAD also creates customer specific component libraries. Anytime a like component is found on other orders, the preapproved modification is automatically applied. This offers our customer the most consistent stencils possible.

Using our service and the StenCAD tool will increase customers’ confidence in getting the right volume or paste before a board is printed, saving both design time and rework time for our customers.

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Integrated into our normal stencil design process



Visual highlighting all potential printing issues


Time Saving

Try out stencil design changes that will prevent printing issues before the stencil is made



See the impact of any changes on the rest of the board



Estimate volume of paste per board

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